Money Math Time!

We even got a review: "[W]e played these and they were fun and well made." - Good Sites For Kids

Travis has created 2 games. We have been playing and building them for 2 years. Developed when he was 10 year old son and this past summer before he turned 12. He came up with a fun hunt and seek game that we are selling online and locally. Mission: Flag Recovery and City Chase are fantastic board games.

Sarah has written several books and sells The Bad Leprechaun locally. She also created greeting cards and post cards for all occasions. Sarah says Read More Book!.

Place your mouse over a coin to see its tail side.
quarter headdime headnickel headpenny head
travis' drawing
Travis would ask me to give him a random group of coins and if he could tell me how much they were worth, then he could keep them.  He started calling this "Money Math".  I wanted to teach Travis how to make a web site and asked him if he wanted to make a web site for Money Math.  He did.  When the name Money Math was not available, Travis had the idea to add the word "Time".  We have been working together on the development of the site.

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